Red Lobster Christmas Coupon December 2011- $5 off two adult dinner entrees Coupon

Red Lobster Christmas Coupon, December 2011 – $5 off two adult dinner entrees

Have you seen the new $5 Coupon from Red Lobster. I call it the Red Lobster Christmas coupon.

Red Lobster calls it the $5 off two adult dinner entrees coupon.

Whatever name you choose to call it, the fact is it gets you a $5 discount on 2 adult dinner entrees or $2.50 discount on a single dinner entree.

Expiry: This Red Lobster Coupon is valid till dec 30 2011

NOTE: The coupon is no longer valid but you get the latest Red Lobster coupons and offers by being a member of Red Lobster’s Fresh Catch Club!

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